About KPS - School Overview

Built in 1896, Kalgoorlie Primary School has a proud and rich history of providing quality educational opportunities including leading the way with digital technologies and citizenship. Located in the heart of Kalgoorlie, students at Kalgoorlie Primary School come from all over the world. All aspects of our teaching and learning programs acknowledge the emphasis of our school vision; all students achieving their dreams through excellence and knowledge. A diverse range of learning experiences are provided in a supportive and motivating environment, where values are explicitly taught and behaviour expectations are high. Students across the school are provided with opportunities to access specialist curriculum areas including The Arts, Health and Physical Education, Science and Digital Technologies. The staff aim to engage all children in relevant, appropriate learning experiences; driven by the development of literacy and numeracy skills. Digital technologies are integrated into all programs ensuring that 21st century learning needs are being addressed as students access a modern tech lounge, Maker Spaces, interactive whiteboards, Apple TVs and iPads. Kalgoorlie Primary is proud to be an Independent Public School. With greater flexibility to operate independently we are better placed to provide an environment which fosters exceptional teaching and learning therefore maximising opportunities for all children to fully achieve their potential. Thank you for visiting our website. Please email Administration on kalgoorlie.ps@education.wa.edu.au if you have any further questions.