Curriculum - STEM Learning at KPS

Kalgoorlie Primary School is dedicated to providing students in all year groups with STEM learning opportunities. STEM is a curriculum based on the idea of educating students in four specific areas — science, technology, engineering and mathematics — using a combined approach. Rather than teach the four disciplines as separate subjects, STEM integrates them into a cohesive learning model based on real-world applications. Science is everywhere in the world around us. Technology is continuously expanding into every aspect of our lives. Engineering involves designing, building and innovating and tackles the challenges of changing global weather and environmentally friendly solutions. Mathematics is in every occupation, every activity we do.

Encouraging primary school students to learn and explore STEM subjects and showing them some of the great careers built on science, technology, engineering and maths will help increase the number of students taking up STEM subjects in higher education and in their careers and help keep Australia competitive internationally in these important fields.

A curriculum that is STEM-based has real-life situations to help students learn. STEM activities provide hands-on and minds-on lessons for students and provide them with opportunities to innovate, develop solutions, interact with new and emerging technologies and learn about the world around them. In 2019 at Kalgoorlie Primary School, Design and Technologies will be taught and reported on using STEM.

Check out our amazing movie about STEM learning at Kalgoorlie Primary School: