Curriculum - Home Reading



100 000 Days of Reading         

The KPS home reading program for 2017 is called 100 000 Days of Reading. Students are encouraged to read every day/night and have parents/caregivers sign their bookmark. After ten nights of reading, students return their bookmark to their teacher and receive a sticker to place on the tally board in the library. The aim is to get 10 000 tokens on the board by the end of the year. Students receive a book and certificate at assembly for reading for 100, 200 and 300 nights. 

The aim of our home reading program is not for students to read more difficult books as quickly as possible, but rather to enjoy reading and being read to and practise some of the skills and strategies they have learnt at school. Home reading should be a relaxed and enjoyable experience. Students should also read a book more than once to consolidate their skills and become confident readers.

Many of the books that students bring home as home readers will be books that they will find fairly easy to read. In class, students will read at a higher level of difficulty as specific skills and reading strategies are taught. Home reading is aimed at enjoyment and practise and, because of this, students will be reading books they can read competently and with confidence in order to practise a range of reading behaviours without struggling with the text, the most important of these being comprehension.

In addition to home readers from school, students can read books from home, library books, comics and magazines. They should also be encouraged to read about topics they are interested in and explore fiction and nonfiction texts.