Curriculum - Values - You Can Do It


At Kalgoorlie Primary School we use the KidsMatter Framework. KidsMatter is a flexible, whole-school approach to improving children’s mental health and wellbeing for primary schools.  

 Seven guiding principles underpin the KidsMatter Primary framework.  They are:

  • The best interests of children are paramount
  • Respectful relationships are foundational
  • Diversity is respected and valued
  • Parents and carers are recognised as the most important people in children’s lives
  • Parents and teachers support children best by working together
  • Students need to be active participants
  • Schools, health and community agencies work together with families. 

As part of the KidsMatter framework, the You Can Do It! values program is embedded into our teaching and learning programs across the school. The main purpose of You Can Do It!  is  to optimise the social, emotional, and academic development of students.  

The program’s core purpose is the development of young people’s social and emotional capabilities, including the five Keys to Success : Confidence, Persistence, Organisation, Getting Along and Resilience. These terms are used throughout the school and our awards at each fortnight's assembly are linked to children displaying these attributes. In addition to teachers recognising a student in their class for displaying the keys to success, by awarding them with a certificate, teachers and students have the opportunuty to nominate a student from across the school. Nominated students are placed in a draw and the winner is presented with a You Can Do It! cupcake by Barnaby, our Getting Along bear.
There is also a large part of the You Can Do It! program that deals with developing a positive mindset. This involves instilling in students the 12 Habits of the Mind, including:
  • Accepting Myself
  • Taking Risks
  • Being Independent
  • I Can Do It
  • Giving Effort
  • Working Tough
  • Setting Goals
  • Planning My Time
  • Being Tolerant of Others
  • Thinking First
  • Playing by the Rules, and
  • Social Responsibility