Curriculum - Science at KPS

Science at KPS for 2019 is taught by Michelle Pyzik. In term one, students will be covering Physical Sciences, term two Biological Sciences, term three Earth and Space Sciences and term four Chemical Sciences. As well as these science understandings, students will cover Science Inquiry Skills. All students from year 1-6 will attend a 90 minute lesson in the Science Room, located in the far back corner of the school. Pre-primary students will have their lessons in their regular classroom.

What is covered in Science has so many links to life outside of school. Students who perform well in Science, are those that make these connections. Engaging in conversation about what they explored in class and then discussing how that relates to something at home will certainly assist. There will also be times where students may be required to bring in materials from home (jars, tins etc), as we encourage reusing of materials and highlighting that experiments do not always require “fancy” equipment.

If you have any concerns or queries regarding Science and your child, please do not hesitate to contact the school.