Curriculum - Science at KPS



Welcome to Science for 2017. This year Mrs Sarah Ciuk and Mrs Danielle Holdaway will be teaching all students from Pre-Primary to Year Six. Term one sees students exploring Biological Sciences. Look out for investigations in garden beds and seeing students explore a variety of living creatures. In term two students will be engaging in many hands-on tasks as they look at Physical Sciences. Interesting discussions will be had around forces and, in particular, gravity. Students tackle Chemical Sciences in term three. This is always a popular topic with students making mixtures and doing some cooking. In term four we aim for the stars and dig underground while delving into Earth and Space Sciences. Students will discover the size of our solar system, cycles of the Earth and what causes some of the features of the Earth’s surface.


Later in the year we will be exploring our links to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) through a combined Science Week and 100 Days of School activity.


If you have a particular interest or occupation in any of our four Science areas that you would like to share with us, please come in and speak to us. Students love having visitors to their classes and seeing how Science fits into the ‘real’ world is always welcome.