Curriculum - Health & Physical Education

Kalgoorlie Primary School health and physical education is taught by a specialist teacher in weekly blocks one after the other, health in the students regular classroom, followed by a physical education component utilising a variety of open spaces around the school.

Health and Physical Education engages students in worthwhile learning experiences to develop skills, knowledge and self-efficacy that enable young people to engage in healthy and active lifestyles.

Students will be encouraged and taught to make informed decisions about their personal health and wellbeing. Throughout the year students will be provided with opportunities to develop interpersonal and collaborative skills, communicate effectively and set goals for improvement.

Health and physical education lessons are aligned with the Western Australian Curriculum and the health and physical education program has clear links to meeting the objectives of this document.

In physical education this year, students will focus on building skills to engage in co-operative and individual gameplay in natural and built environments with an emphasis on participation, involvement and sportsmanship.

By identifying and teaching values consistent with; the prevention of ill-health, fostering awareness of personal responsibility for their own health,  appropriate safety and activity levels and a commitment to improvement and personal achievement health lessons will focus on enabling students to become physically and mentally healthy, as well as safe and active members of the community.

The sporting calendar is always full of exciting and challenging events, where students will get the opportunity to participate in a variety of sports within school and at representative level both socially and competitively. School and interschool carnivals are always a highlight and it’s great to see the wonderful support from parents and community members.